In its commitment to health and life, Vernís makes a continuous effort to preserve the environment around us. This efforts is made material in the use of intelligent and respectful manufacturing and recovery processes. By minimising and treating wate, Vernís reflects the ecological desire of a society which assumes the responsibility for coexisting with its surroundings in a balanced way and safeguarding the future.Vernís is certified with UNE-EN-ISO-14001:2015.

environmental protection practices

-Reuse of industrial waters: zero discharge.
-Installation of purification systems that prevent pollutant particles from being emitted.
-Recovery of residual heat.
-Recovery of the semi-finished products generated in the production processes.
-Selective separation of all the waste generated and its subsequent treatment by an authorised disposal company.


Another example of the commitment Vernís has with the environment is its participation in European programmes like LifeCeram, which aims to achieve zero waste in the process of manufacturing industrial floor tiles by:

1. Developing a new ceramic floor tile based on waste materials, for use in outdoor settings.
2. Designing a sustainable manufacturing process based on dry milling and granulation technology.
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