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This is an application that allows the slip resistance of the surface of a floor tile to be adjusted to satisfy the customer's requirements. Tiles incorporating this technology still feel pleasant to the touch, are easy to clean and their appearance remains unaltered.


This product – Alchemy, ceramic gold – enables our customers to obtain, in a single-firing process, high-gloss finishes with a similar effect to that obtained using metal gold in third firing. It goes without saying that the reduced costs achieved with single-firing, the simplicity of the manufacturing process, the energy savings and, above all, the improvements in the final product with respect to a third-firing application are all factors that allow Alquimia – Oro Cerámico to stand out above its competitors. Another point to be highlighted is the important difference in the price of Metal gold and Ceramic gold.


Alquimia – Colors, which is the project 2.0 stemming from Alquimia – Oro Cerámico, is a development that has made it possible to obtain 10 new colours that remain very shiny and have a finish which is similar to that of certain gemstones. Moreover, the range of firing has been increased to allow optimal results to be achieved between temperatures of 1080 ºC and 1200 ºC.
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